Wetsuit Warehouse | About Us
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About Us

Wetsuit Warehouse – Where we wrap you in rubber!


Wetsuit Warehouse evolved out of a need for a one stop destination were anyone can get kitted out in the “right rubber for the right job”.


Our vast range has something for every water sport activity. If you are a Grom starting out or swimming coach in Potchefstroom, an open water swimmer, a keen kloofer or a big wave charger at Dungeons or if you are a 56 year old bullet like our founder and you just want the warmest, lightest and stretchiest neoprene available to allow you spend endless hours in the ocean doing what you love, then we have you covered. And for the fairer sex if you want to look drop dead gorgeous while being warm and unbelievable comfortable, we will wrap you in the sexiest rubber known to mankind.


We are located in the Deep South where you can surf down at the DUNE in the morning in icy 9 degree Arctic waters and then head to Muizenberg in the afternoon for a logging session in 22 degree water. So when we say we are knowledgeable about Neoprene you can understand why!