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I have never written a wetsuit review before, but after my last surf I feel I can’t keep this wetsuit a secret! At the risk of upsetting some of my good mates who supply me with a huge range of great wetsuits, I just have to review my latest wetsuit.


“Twiggy” Baker (the brand ambassador and importer of ISURUS wetsuits) sent me an ISURUS 4/3 Hooded Evade. I have been selling them for the last two years and was desperate to wrap myself in this silky rubber. Well it’s not exactly rubber – it’s 100% Japanese Yamamoto Neoprene! When I slipped into this silky smooth suit I was at first a little disappointed that it didn’t feel like the world’s best wetsuit. It felt tighter on the forearms than I anticipated and not quite as comfortable across the top of my chest. Anyway I paddled out at a remote break in the Reserve and by the time I reached the backline the suit fitted like the proverbial glove. Unbelievably light, comfortable, flexible and warm. I had a two hour solo session and I am a blown away! Mike Schlebach told me that the ISURUS moulds to your body after 4 or 5 surfs – well the new model only took a 100 meter paddle.


I have been exceptionally lucky over the last 10 years in that I have been able to afford or been given the best wetsuits available to us in the Cape. But as much as I have been stoked and (for the most part) warm with the wetsuits I have been surfing in, this wetsuit has taken being warm and comfortable to a whole new level. “Climbing” in to a suit has suddenly been transformed into slipping into your favourite outfit!


There are a lot of technical details I can sprout here like how the Yamamoto SCS Nano Skin on the hood maximizes solar absorption, warmth and wind protection or how it is lined with zirconium fleece for extra warmth. All I know is that I had to continually dive under the water to cool my head down. It was also very comfortable when I pushed my hood back with no choking.


The seams are taped on the inside similar to the Xcel Infinity. The great plus with this is you don’t have the liquid welded seam on the outside where the sun tends to destroy it and it starts cracking, thus really compromising the integrity of the seams. The Evade features a specific compression material and has anatomically designed compression panels that move in unison with the body. The kinesiology based MST (Muscle Stabilization Taping) provides additional support by wrapping your muscles in a cage like exoskeleton support structure, enabling unmatched cold water performance. Isurus Wetsuits combine compression with anatomically mapped SMART panels that match the natural movement of the human body for unrestricted range of motion.


I can’t say whether it was the compression technology, the warmth or the suppleness of the Isurus but I certainly felt a lot stronger and fitter after my session than normal. And for those who know me, fitness and strength are not my strengths! The bottom line is the ISURUS EVADE will be my first choice of wetsuit when the water temperature gets below 14 degrees. If you are the kind of surfer that appreciates the better things in life and you have the wherewithal to afford it, then this is undoubtedly the suit for you. If however the bucks are tight but you have a passion for surfing and being warm, it is definitely worth saving for!


PS: Don’t pee in this suit. It stays in you suit for the rest of the surf and it is embarrassing peeling your new wettie off in your local parking lot stinking of piss. Water restrictions here in the Cape, no more showers at the beach.


To slip into this toastie wettie visit us @ 55 Main Rd Fish Hoek (open 7 days a week) or call Jeremy on 021 782 3360 or check out our website www.wetsuitwarehouse.co.za Grant TWIG Baker Mike Schlebach Isurus Wetsuits